The motivation for the DutchDFA programme is the growing international success of Dutch architecture, fashion and design. The creative and innovative verve of these sectors reinforces the overall competitive position and the international profile of the Netherlands.

The programme is being established in the midst of a rapidly changing world. Globalisation in conjunction with sustainable development represents the greatest challenge of our time. The creativity, expertise and innovative drive of Dutch designers place them in a position to make an essential contribution to this. Joining forces with multiple disciplines within the field will enhance the impact of the activities.

In 2012, the programme aspires to have achieved the following goals:


Specific characteristics Dutch design are known and recognised as answers to local issues/demand in the focus countries.


Sustainable networks between the Netherlands and focus countries China, Germany, Turkey and India.


Lower thresholds to local markets, higher turnover and stronger international entrepreneurship in the Dutch design field.


Sustainable, cross-sectoral, public-private collaboration forms basis for further internationalisation Dutch design.

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