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Beijing Yan Ling Dance School


Beijing Yan Ling Dance Academy is located in Tai Hu town, Tongzhou District, adjoining the beautiful Tongzhou canal, it is a tree-lined campus, the academy enjoys an environmentally good campus, and it is a garden-style college.

  Beijing Yan Ling Dance academy is based on ballroom dancing and tap dancing as a professional institution. It is consisted of the technical secondary and Junior College. The technical secondary is a subsidiary of China Coal Mine Art Troupe School, and the qualification is awarded by a national admitted entrance examination qualifications certificate. The technical secondary department is divided into three years and six years. University of qualifications is issued by the Ministry of adult education college entrance examination.

The teaching facilities of school are advanced, with modern high standard of teaching facilities and education environment which is the integration of traditional culture and modern architecture. There is 1,500 ㎡ of the training hall, computer room, all kinds of standard classrooms, 7 * 400-meter track plastic playground, standardization soccer pitch, basketball court and so on. The facilities of students dormitory are complete arrangements, for six beds in each dormitory, and the air-conditioner, TV, telephone, sanitary shower, and balcony are all prepared.

There are many good teachers in this school who are morality, rigorous, skillful , the headmaster is the renowned dance artist, dance educator, the international professional Latin dance, tap dance teachers, the World Federation of WDC world-class dance teacher evaluation Yan Ling, the teachers was hired of specialized courses and cultural studies teachers are holders of the National Teachers qualified teachers, and we also invited British teacher Charlie • Paul and the Russian teacher Farley width • Ivan Yi as our foreign teachers, as well as Wang Lei, Yan Qingqing who got many international prizes and other professional player have been working in our school for long time. Teachers in our school have long insisted on a regular basis to study abroad, and they have absorbed the most advanced teaching concepts and techniques, in order to provide a high level of teaching quality assurance.

  For a long time, to create high-quality teaching and learning environment consistently and to train many dance talents which is link up to the international market as the purposes and principles, the school has formed its characteristics, got remarkable achievements and trained a large number of dance talent, and they had got many prize and outstanding result from the competition in the UK, Hong Kong, and Tai Wan. My first batch of secondary school graduates Dong Ni was enrolled by the Beijing Dancing University as professional examination of the good results in the fifth, the second batch of secondary school graduates Yang Zhaoyu, LI Yi, An Qi also were admitted to the Beijing Sports University with honors. Of outstanding college graduates are 100% placed in employment, thereby achieving the purpose of the application of knowledge。

  College of“teaching dance and educating people , art is endless" as the basic strategy of running school, not only pay close attention to train students in specialized courses, but also require students to have a balanced development in culture classes, to stimulate student interest in learning as a breakthrough, to create a way to make the happy learning environment. Teachers frequently organized students a variety of classroom practice and impromptu performances, so that we have achieved the full participation and committed to develop students’ self-learning and exploring spirit. Moreover, in the school of management, we have implemented a closed-end management, we take the motto "thirty percent capacity, seventy percent responsibility" as a code of conduct for each teacher to ensure that the students in my school safety, get approved by both parents and similar institutions alike.

  Faced with both opportunities and challenges of the new situation, Beijing Yan Ling Dance Academy will continue to adhere to the practice of modern educational thinking of school characteristics, and make unremitting efforts to build a national first-class ballroom dancing and tap dance academy.

No.862 Taihu, Tongzhou District,
101121 Beijing
Phone: +86 10 60578268