Spearheaded by a dynamic team of specialized curators and producers, and in collaboration with museums and other public / private spaces and institutions, Arthub Asia initiates and delivers ambitious art projects through a sustained dialogue with visual, performance, and new media artists. Inspired by the collective intelligence generated by independent thinkers across China and rest of Asia, Arthub Asia serves as a collaborative production lab, a creative think tank as well as a curatorial research platform. Arthub Asia is committed to furthering experimentation, knowledge-production and diversity among dedicated artists, art professionals, scholars, and arts organizations in the region.

Arthub Asia’s mission is to:

// Identify, provide, and enable intellectual, strategic, logistical and financial means for ambitious new artistic projects and productions by Chinese and Asian contemporary artists.

// Actively facilitate an informal network of contemporary artists, art professionals and writers, both within the region and beyond- starting first with an Asia-wide exchange platform and community, where different ideas and individuals merge, interact and motivate each other.

// Act as a catalyzer of the same people who want to share and initiate ideas for projects including for knowledge production (publications, research projects, symposia) and diversity (capacity building, networking and regional mapping).

// To continue to develop new and informed audiences through educational initiatives.

// Serve as a Platform for international partners including artists, scholars, universities, not-profit initiatives and museums, and facilitate the production of exhibitions, performances, workshops, and specialized art tours.

Arthub is registered a non-for-profit organization in Hong Kong, with three directors based across Asia.

Having already facilitated more than 110 activities in China and the rest of Asia since its inception in 2007 , Arthub has already become the major provider of structural support not only for artists working in China and across Asia, but also for a global community of leading curators, art professionals and producers.

Arthub was initially conceived to support through structural funding the not-for-profit BizArt Art Centre, allowing it to continue promoting contemporary art in China and to reach out across Asia, especially the documentation and archiving of BizArt-related projects. For more information on Bizart-related activities, please check here.

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