Academy of International Visual Arts


AIVA, Academy of International Visual Arts, commenced with a teaching centre of art and design in central Shanghai in spring 2005. It is now expanded to a creative hub with work studios, lecture hall, jewellery workshop and exhibition gallery. Based on China's high education of art and design, AIVA encourages and develops experimental mode of art education with an international and interdisciplinary perspective. Reflected upon the significant difference between British and Chinese educational system and the notion of foundation, AIVA initiated particularly on its bridging courses by introducing a different teaching mode and evaluation critiria, in order to smoothen the transformation for Chinese students who are willing to study in the UK. AIVA's foundation and Pre-MA programmes are carefully designed, presenting a combined and complementary structure of art and design education. AIVA regularly delivers lecture series on higher education of art and design to the public by inviting guest speakers from both Chinese and western institutions or industrial field, to share their experience and expertise. Other activities such as short courses, contemporary art exhibitions and workshops are as well organised to present an inovative and creative scene to wider audience.