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General director Introdans
Ton Wiggers is the co-founder of Introdans. In the early years, since the inception in 1971, he took the roles of dancer, choreographer and artistic director, and has many choreographies to his name. Later he concentrated more on the extensive tasks of artistic director. His goal is to make dance accessible and familiar to a large and diverse public, using non-traditional and if necessary unorthodox methods. In nearly forty years since the inception of Introdans he has gone a long way to achieving this aim: Introdans has a public all over the world, and it is growing every year. On the 25th jubilee of Introdans in 1996, Ton Wiggers was made a Knight in the Order of the Dutch Lion. He received the Arnhem-Lorentz Penning in 2005 and from 1 January 2005 he is General Director of Introdans.