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Roel Voorintholt

Artistic director Introdans
Roel Voorintholt first joined the company as a trainee in 1983; over the next ten years he grew into one of the leading dancers at Introdans. In September 1989 he was asked to set up an independent department to produce work for children and young people. It was under his leadership that Introdans Ensemble for Youth and Introdans Education – the department that provides workshops at schools – first saw the light of day and subsequently became crucial parts of the company as a whole. In recognition of his work for the town of Arnhem he received an Arnhems Meisje award in 1993, and in 1997 he was awarded the Perspektiefprijs (Perspective Prize). In October 2004, he was made Knight in the Order of Orange Nassau. In June 2008 he published his book ‘Van ballenbak en Bolshoi’ (‘Of ball pits and Bolshoi’) in which he recounts 25 years of international travelling with Introdans. In 2008 Roel Voorintholt won the Critic’s Award from the Dutch Theatre Critics Association for his efforts to upgrade dance for youth. Roel Voorintholt is responsible for the company’s sponsorship policy and is treasurer of Stichting Hans van Manen. From 1 January 2005 he is the sole Artistic Director of Introdans.