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13 December, 1958 (All day)
Li Baoying, Born in Beijing. 1978 - 1982 study oil painting at the Oil Painting Department of Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing. from 2007-2009 she was undertaken the postgraduate program at U.N.S.W College of Fine Arts, Sydney. Currently she is works in Beijing and Gold Coast of Australia. In 1985, Li Baoying has exhibited and curated an exhibition of " The November Exhibition" at the Palace Museum Gallery in Beijing, other prominent artists are : Xia Xiaowan, Liu Yi, Tian Ping, Dai Shihe, Cao Li, Shi Benming, Ding Pin, Gao Runxi, Jiang Li……etc were taken the participation in this exhibition. In 1987, Baoying with Xia Xiaowan, Liu Yi, Dai Shihe, Tian Ping, Cao Li ……. were together exhibited their works in " Toward the Future " in Art Museum of China. By 1989 Li Baoying has her first solo exhibition at Griffith University in Australia. Li Baoying 's works are oil paintings and photography , mostly are landscape . her works have exhibited in Australia and China. In 22nd December 2013 , Baoying's works and her CAFA classmates Yang Feiyun, Xia Xiaowan, Liu Yi, Chao Ge, Wang Yidong, Ji Yunfei……etc will exhibiting in the group show of " 1978" at Art Museum of Central Academy of Fine Arts.