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Record Companies


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International record companies such as Pathé (later EMI) and Columbia (later Sony) entered the Chinese market as early as the 1920s.

In 2005 four record companies accounted for 71.7% of retail music sales worldwide. In 2011 one of these companies, EMI, was bought and split between Sony and Warner. The three remaining companies have a strong presence in the Chinese market:

  • Universal Music Group.
  • Sony Music Entertainment
  • Warner Music Group


In short, these record companies entered Hong Kong in the late 1970s and Taiwan in the 1980s and 1990s. They entered mainland China much later and on a modest scale.

In Hong Kong and Taiwan, these major international companies were often very influential. Nevertheless there are also many successful local record companies.   


Hong Kong

  • Avex Group (Hong Kong).
  • Emperor Entertainment Group (EEG).
  • Gold Typhoon Entertainment.
  • Star Entertainment.
  • East Asia Music.
  • Music Nation Group.
  • People Mountain People Sea.



  • Avex Group (Taiwan).
  • Rock Records.
  • Linfair.
  • HIM International Music.
  • Forward Music.
  • Skyhigh Entertainment.
  • Asia Muse Entertainment Group.
  • Seed Music.
  • B’in Music.
  • Wind Music.



  • Taihe Rye.
  • Peacock Records.
  • Tianyu Media.
  • A number of major Chinese singers, such as Han Hong and Xu Wei, have signed with media conglomerates that are otherwise not involved in musical production.
  • Since Beijing is the center for rock music in China, it is also the home of a number of medium and small indie music labels. In the 1990s, Modern Sky, Scream Records and the more mainstream Jingwen published most albums. In the early 2000s, 13th Month (mainly folk rock), Maybe Mars (allied to the venues D-22 and later XP) and Tree Music gave talented upcoming artists the crucial opportunity to record an album.


For a more complete and detailed account, please download the whole chapter in PDF below