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  • Jazz was an important influence on Shanghai music in the 1930s. Jazz reemerged in the 1980s when the 1920s and 1930s were redefined as the glory days of Shanghai.
  • Shanghai is home to a wide range of jazz venues (see Venues above) and festivals (see Festivals above). It’s conservatory teaches in jazz and houses a jazz orchestra (see Educational Institutions above).
  • Many of the concerts are commercial, with artists performing standards. Coco Zhao is a well-known jazz singer. The pipa player and singer Lin Di has formed a swing shine trio that performs new arrangements of old Shanghai pop songs.



  • Beijing’s jazz scene is less lively than Shanghai’s. Still there are a few venues (see Venues above) and a festival (see Festivals above).
  • Several members of Cui Jian’s band performed jazz and opened jazz bars, including the saxophone player Liu Yuan (CD Cafe) and the drummer Bei Bei.
  • Li Tieqiao is a free jazz saxophone player who also organizes concerts and tours with international artists.



  • A relatively large number of Dutch jazz musicians have performed in Beijing and Shanghai over the years. See below for more info.


For the complete Chapter please download the PDF below